Mike Wsol

Mike Wsol employs the art of reduction to articulate architectural form exploring why and how structures function in our contemporary society. He believes that "if one's identity is shaped by the environment, it is also every individual's responsibility to consider that environment." Wsol demonstrates his mastery of design and space as a print maker and as a sculptor using wood, plastic, steel, bronze, copper and MDF. Concerned with complex relations such as those of natural and human systems, the need for the presence of the past versus the needs of contemporary lifestyles, and the ways hierarchical systems are supported and/ or created by the environments we design, Wsol engages the lens of architecture to observe and critique.

Mike Wsol was Assistant Professor and Sculpture Area Head at Indiana University Bloomington until he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to attend UVA's School of Architecture for his Masters degree. Wsol holds an MFA in Sculpture from The University of Georgia, an MA in Sculpture and a BA in Sculpture from Eastern Illinois University.
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